Delta wielded an old but trusty 757 to carries my buns to that one place I went to that one time. They also gave me a tiny screen and lots of stuff to watch.

[These are not ordered in any meaningful way]


1. Black Panther

Verdict: a good ol’ formulaic Marvel superhero movie, which is something I always seem to enjoy. M’baatu should probably get his own vegetarian cooking show. All the buzz about the “controversy” was clearly overhyped. I can guess who are the kind of people that couldn’t handle being reminded of, um you know, things that actually happened in our world’s history.

2. The Last Jedi

Verdict: I thought it was kind of... um... bad. There, I said it.

[Audible gasps]


3. Simpsons - Season 29

I’m I hater of most things pertaining to post-911 Simpsons, but the two episodes I saw here we’re almost an improvement compared to say 7 years ago if that means anything (no). One was where Marge became mayor (it was kind of like a worse version of when Lois became mayor on Family Guy?), and the second was the revival of the Pin Palls. I can’t seem to remember one joke from that one but I did finish the episode so that’s something.


4. Bob’s Burgers

Laughed at first but then quickly lost steam. It was the Valentine’s one where the daughter didn’t get asked out by her crush or something. Midway though, I switched to something else. Maybe I bailed too soon, but this was into my 11th hour in the air, I had no pateince left. I don’t fault the show.


5. Robot Chicken - newer stuff

Somehow more vulger and irreverent than I remember... So I watched all the episodes they had on zee plane, because it’s like fast food: bad but satisfying.


6. Rick and Morty

Speaking of vulgarity: how ‘bout this show? First episodes I’ve ever watched (did you know I live under a rock?). It was the memetic Szechuan sauce one, followed by the Mad Max spoof. I laughed and I laughed bigly, to the point that I was covering my mouth with both hands to surpress actual joy on a plane, full of presumably miserable people.


7. Pitch Perfect 3

Watched four minutes and I was like, “I’m out.” Maybe watching the other two would have helped? I read that it had John Lithgow in it, but I just couldn’t tough it out :(


Aaaaand I’m done.