So there is a chance that I might be getting a promotion at work because someone above me got fired. On the plus side I’d be making a lot more money. On the down side, my current 2 mile round trip commute would become a 62 mile round trip commute. Which means the Galant’s 24 miles per gallon of Premium wouldn’t be ideal. Plus it’s not that comfortable, and doesn’t have a working radio.

Anyway I’m not going to sell the Galant it’s too special. But I do think I it would be fun to get a second car. And the more I shop around the more I keep coming back to a 2001-2004 VW TDI. Most likely a Beetle, purely because they are the cheapest.

I love those exterior color matched door panels.


‘’Tis car happens to be in my home town too.

The other options would be, a 92-2000 Civic hatch, a Yaris(yawn), a first gen Fit(meh), or a first gen XB(over priced). The advantage the VWs have over all of these is comfort. Heated leather seats, quieter ride, better stereo(if you gen the Monsoon system like this one).


There are plenty of comfy cars, and plenty of cars that get great MPGs, but the TDI is about the only one that can give you both. Plus the added bonus of having some tuning potential as well.