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Things in Chile are getting out of hand

I hope our Chilean Oppo is OK despite the state of emergency in the capital.

I show the opening scene to 31 minutos because it’s a wholesome TV show from Chile. Originally the host had an R170...


Chile was considered one of the most stable countries in the region, which is why many people were caught off guard... But the current wave of protests (originally sparked due to a public transport ticket price hike) are here to remind us that 11 out of 18 Chileans are indebted, and that Chile has one of the worst GINI coefficients of any country... including those in Latin America.

Truthfully, Latin America as a whole is living a time of reckoning... Governments across the region haven’t been exactly characterized for their stability, or commitment to their people... and this is something seen across right wing countries and left wing countries.


If you ever see a news article by someone from Latin America you might see “hartazgo social” as a term used to widely encompass the range of issues citizens of Latin America have had to deal with.

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