Things in common

The Trabant 601 (and every Trabi before it). Note two sophisticated couples heading in a sophisticated manner to their tiny Duroplast two stroke so they can head out for an evening accompanied by a smell of burning oil. As you do.

The original Citroen CX (and every Citroen before it). Only one sophisticated couple this time.


They shared something unexpected but for different reasons.

Non self cancelling indicators.

Citroën had the corporate opinion that self cancelling encouraged laziness and sloppy driving and if you were intelligent enough to want a Citroën then you could certainly turn off your own indicators..

VEB Sachsenring just thought the proletariat of the Socialist Workers’ Paradise would have to put up with it because cheap transport. The idea was that everybody was living within a few hundred metres of public transport and so they weren’t likely to drive far. Plus there was a 13 year waiting list for a Trabi and they didn’t care.

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