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Things Learned...

99.5% of all the fasteners on a ~1990 New Idea 483 round baler are 9/16ths inch.

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Comprehensive list of Ones that aren’t 9/16th:

  • wheel lug nuts
  • wheel axle nuts
  • main drive pulley retention nut
  • main gearbox mounting bolts
  • pickup guide-wheel mounting bolts
  • pickup spring tension adjustment nut
  • bale chamber tension adjustment nuts

have been replacing the bearings in the belt idler rollers. (Its been too hoot and i’ve been too dirty and annoyed to take pictures) One exploded and jammed the rear belt mechanism, causing loss of baler functionality and ~15 acres of down hay. It rained hard last night :P. At least it’s stem-y first cut from a “free, you cut and bale” field, and not hay we paid for, or high quality stuff... In any case I want it to be tip-top for 2nd cut, which will be coming up soon in several fields.

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