A couple of things went to shit over the last couple of days. First, the blower motor on my AC handler died. Unfortunately the big hardware stores (the only ones open on weekends) don’t stock AC blower motors, so I had to let the house bake a bit over the weekend. Thankfully we had beer. Then I awoke this morning to my cat having some sort of episode. He looked close to death. Wouldn’t move, hissed at me when I petted him (which is out of character for him), and felt very stiff. It wasn’t the heat as my house was only at about 85F and he had plenty of water. Fantastic.

My wife and I set to work unfucking the situation. She rushed the cat to the vet while I set out to try and find an HVAC store that would sell me parts. I ended up finding a little shop that had blower motors in stock, sweated my ass off installing the new one, and soon was basking in the glory of modern air conditioning. Just as I had finished the vet called letting us know Cactus the cat was doing a 1000% better. They think he had some sort of kidney infection, but were able to clear him out before any permanent damage was done. He is being observed overnight but the vet sounded very optimistic.

Finally, I was given an old laptop for free. It’s an HP Pavilion Dv2. She was running really slow (took about twenty minutes to boot up) and giving a warning at startup about imminent hard drive failure. This fucker was still running Vista, so I could only imagine what sort of fuckery was going on inside this machine. I’m not a computer guy at all, but I figured swapping out a hard drive couldn’t be too hard. I picked up a cheap 1 terabyte hard drive, swapped it in and installed Linux Mint (following instruction from the internets). If any of these choices seem odd to you computer literate guys and gals out there, it’s because I truly have no idea what I’m doing. I didn’t want to pay for an OS, and wanted something easily customizable and not full of crap I don’t use. I’m mostly going to be using this computer to write lesson plans, take notes for classes, and write on Oppo and Overland. Everything seems to be working really well. The only thing that gives it issues are streaming HD videos. The audio is on point, but the graphics are choppy. If I copy the videos into the VLC media player they play great, so I think modern HD streaming is just a bit much for this old guy.


I love it when you’re able to fix things that you don’t know too much about. It gives me a bit more sense of accomplishment. Now it is time for a beer.

Please, nothing else break.