Things Oppos Might Want?

Clearing out stuff, so I’ll post interesting things Oppos might want/need.

I have a refurb Google Pixel XL 128 GB, the OG one, that I had paid to get a replacement in, and then we got the 3XLs, so it was used for about a month. Pretty much perfect condition. Swappa lists them for about $200, but I just want to get my warranty moneys back. $125 shipped to any of y’all in the states. I’ve got an original charger and all that mess, too.


Also have the Forza XBox One that hasn’t been turned on in a year or so. I just went pretty much all PC for games, and just need to get it off. IT’s the sweet blue one with the racing stripes, and it makes awesome car noises, like an engine starting on startup and a high speed pass on shutdown. Got some games somewhere to go with it, but sadly the Forza 7 is tied to my account all digital like. Also have the original box and everything for it, too. I know it’s a bit old at this point, but maybe someone needs one for their kid or something. Swappa also lists the 1TB XBones at about $200, so $125 shipped for y’all. Hope someone can enjoy it.

If no one wants this stuff, I’ll go to Swappa with it, or what not, but first dibs to you guys. Hit me at bcrc.kinja at

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