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You’ve been warned


TLDR: I recently became extra single. And it is tearing me apart

Longer story is I was dating this guy for almost a year. We had our issues, but what young couple doesn’t? Both trying to make something out of our lives etc. Overall to me things we good and I was happy. He though had some issues and I finally got him to see a therapist and that helped a little. Then we decided to have a poly relation with this other girl and that was actually really nice. He though wanted things to be more extra close friends than a full blown relationship and I agreed because he needed that to try and better himself and how could I say no? Anyway things got really messed up and I ended up pushing them away because I was having problems and didn’t want to bother them. I know it was the wrong thing to do. Well they decided to give up on me and then it was really hard to try and get them back in my life. Well he wasn’t talking to me and she was trying really hard to help me be better. New Years day he and I get drunk and things get super dark and sad as we talk (cause alcohol is a depressant). Well she is back from being on vacation and they have decided to date and be intimate and I just am a wreck. Tons of depression and lack of motivation. Which sucks because I have so much to do, like sell the GTO, but I can barely get out of bed most days for work. I hate this feeling and I am really trying to feel better... anyway I just needed to vent and share.

Have a good night Oppo.

Update (1/8/19 11:40):

Thank you all so much for all the love and support. It really does mean a lot to me since I view Oppo as a second family. You’ve always been great people and so far everyone I have met or directly had contact with has been an amazing person. So just thank you so much.

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