Self-explanatory. I'll keep this to a top ten so it's not a billion items long.

10. Coolant

9. 99.99999999% of all casseroles (exception: King Ranch casserole; that's really just an exploded enchilada)

8. Turds, solid form

7. Broccoli

6. Turds, diarrhea form

5. Vomit

4. Open infected wounds

3. Miracle Whip

2. That coolant/oil milkshake that 944s make when they're really busted

1. Cough syrup

How robo-trippin' was/is? ever a thing, I'll never know.

I'm sick. It sucks. I have trouble breathing and I have an even worse time trying to cough down cough syrup.


All you kids who said Dimetapp was yummy back in the day: you're gross. All of you. I don't get it.

I even have the berry NyQuil and nope. Nope nope nope nope. NOPE.