Things That Are Nice: C5 A6 4.2 / S6

Welcome! To a new series I'm starting about cars that I randomly see and then think to myself "hey, those don't get enough attention".

We're starting this off with the '99-'05 A6, specifically the V8 models. Now before you run to the comments and yell "But the 2.7t is just as fast!", think about maintaing a decade old Audi with twin turbos. Then remember all of the V8 models get larger wheels, larger brakes and dem fenders ….


Thats right, not just the S6/RS6 got those. That my fell oppo's, is German subtlety done right.

In normal A6 form the 4.2L V8 came with 295hp and the same amount of torque. If you can afford to get the S treatment you get 335hp and 310lb-ft. Which drops the 0-60 by a whole second, to 5.7. But the absolute best thing about the S6 is that in North America you could only get it in Avant form. If you all don't go out and buy one just on principal now I'll be disappointed.

… Oh and lets not forget why V8s are always worth it.

So go and get one already!

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