Every time I load my bikes, and my kids bike into my car I think to myself “why did I buy a sedan”. Loading bikes into a sedan is such a PITA. There are solutions my MTB goes on the roof, I could get more roof mounts, or potentially get a hitch and rear rack. But bike mounts of any sort are annoying. The ideal solution therefor is a small pickup. Being able to just throw the bikes over the tailgate sounds amazing. I would also like to be able to haul 4-5 bikes while using the back seat, so that rules out a wagon.


My ideal truck is “cheap”, small, and manual. After all it’ll end up my daily driver. A Frontier provides all of that.


It also apparently came in this nice cinnamon brown color, and I like it!

How cheap is it? This 2 year old one with 24,000 miles is 25k. Similar Tacos TRD Sports run about 5k more. Which is crazy considering you can get a brand new one for 36.


I also like the Ridgeline a lot, but enough to give up my beloved manual trans? Idk we’ll find out whenever I actually replace the BMW. 

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