Things that make me feel old, 2019 edition

  • What is HBO Max?
  • Tik Tok
  • How come movies I like are called “Dad Movies” now? I liked some of those before I was a dad.
  • Albums I bought new are having 20 year anniversaries
  • My waist size
  • Steering wheel buttons and the buttons below the steering wheel near the door (do we have a name for these?) usually for traction control and other stuff
  • My back
  • I lost track of which Pixels and iPhones we’re on
  • Sometimes, just a little bit, I think my car might be too loud
  • Dubstep, which previously made me feel old, is old now
  • I get unreasonably excited when I hear about a video game that takes less than 10 hours to complete
  • Hearing internet phrases IRL annoys the shit out of me
  • My embarrassment level is getting shockingly low. It feels like a superpower.
  • I’m way too excited that they have recliners at my local movie theater now
  • I don’t know what channel Rick and Morty is on
  • Ha, what’s a “channel?”
  • I was a very early adopter of cord cutting, but now I can’t even keep track of the streaming services I’m paying for, let alone new ones.
  • What is HBO Max?

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