Both of the wings are finished and it’s ready to fly! Now I just have to wait for Harvey to clear out so I don’t have to fly it in the rain. The FAA posted flight restrictions on “Drones,” but the AIM system is down and I can’t see if we are in the restricted area. In the mean time, enjoy a picture of the plane with a wing!

This is the polyhedral wing for tail control only. The two bends in the wing make the plane very stable. Simplified controls make it easy to fly, but much less responsive. I’ll use this one to teach my kids how to fly.

This wing has full ailerons and just a little dihedral. This makes the plane a lot more nimble and gives greater control, but it also makes it a lot less stable and harder to control. The kids will get to fly with this wing once they demonstrate proficiency with the other. Baby steps!

If you’re wondering, the battery gets mounted on the front tray with some velcro and the nose/cockpit slides over it (like in the top pic). Everything is balanced, the batteries are charged, and it’s all assembled. All I need is some clear weather!


I’m really hoping I don’t screw this up too badly. The controls between helicopters and quad-copters are very different from planes. The stick you push for forward flight on a quad will make a plane nose-dive into the ground. At least the throttle (cyclical) and rudder controls are the same. Dang, I’m getting nervous just thinking about it....

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I finally started working on a new plane. It’s been quite some time since I built a new one and the techniques for foam are quite different. I just have to build the wing and mount the electronics. If Harvey doesn’t make it to Louisiana, I may have it in the air tomorrow afternoon!


If you haven’t seen these before, take a look:

It’s going to be fun!