Things to do with a lathe when you're bored...{updated more}

1) Make a stirling engine.

artist’s conception
it’s a start....
Bored out to the diameter of a Red Stripe bottle, which will be my displacer cylinder wall ;)
I knew i should have measured the offset instead of just eyeballing it... I’m not concerned, this is a seat of the pants build... Just disappointed that I missed. Probably did order of operations wrong too...

Still to do:

  • Bore transfer port
  • Power cylinder sleeve
  • Power piston
  • Crankshaft
  • Con rods
  • Displacer cylinder sleeve
  • Decide on displacer material
  • Lots of other stuff
really pleased with the fit of the Red Stripe bottle to the displacer and the top
I think the displacer is all set, but the fit on the power piston to the sleeve is a bit loose, and I haven’t polished the bore yet, so I may have to re-turn the piston.

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