If you want to buy a new car, you pretty much have to buy it from a car dealer. But in the process, the dealer will inevitably try to load you up with other stuff at the same time. Much of what they will try selling you is stuff you should never buy from the car dealer.

I did an article recently about GAP insurance. If you really want to buy it, you can usually get it cheaper elsewhere. There are a few other things which fall into this category, like Credit Life and Disability insurance. So this week's Lehto's Law is a discussion of the things you should never buy from the car dealer and why.

Like the absurd: fabric protection, paint sealant and so on.

Plus, there is the category of caution: extended service contracts and third party warranties. You MIGHT want to buy one of these from the dealer but there are some things you need to consider along the way. And if you are a company selling these plans, you should probably know that your dealers might be ripping you off.


Oh, and that car at the top? 45 years old. And the reason it looks so good today has nothing to do with dealer-installed "paint sealant."


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