To be honest, I carry most of this stuff in my bags year round. I just had it all out this afternoon and was adding a few items to it.

(sigh) I tried to annotate all this items, but after one edit, they are all gone. Only the misshaped snips below that don’t make any sense remain.

Fuck it. Here, just look at a bunch of shit on the floor. Fuck you Kinja.

Packing for two weeks of two-up riding, I wanted to see if I could secure the fuel bottle and rain gear to the back of the touring bags. Looks like I can. That will clear up a good bit of room.


This was the biggest challenge.

Everything here needed to be washable in cold, and in the same load. Mrs McMike had a hard time with this one.


And you wonder why all β€œcrusier biker people” all wear that annoying, boring uniform of jeans and black t-shirts....