Today I learned that both Bill Self (KU basketball) and David Beaty (KU football) pay almost no state income tax.

Both top KU coaches, David Beaty (left) and Bill Self, have LLCs that reduce the amount they owe in Kansas income taxes. (Photo credit: KCUR 89.3 FM)

This is due to the fact that their salaries are not paid directly to them, but instead through an LLC, which was made tax exempt in 2012 by Gov. Brownback. I find this infuriating, especially when KU is set to lose $11 million in funding due to budget cuts next year (K-State will lose $7 million).

KPR Story:

I feel like we have a chant for this... (nsfw audio)


Dodge Rampage for your time, because I saw a pristine one identical to this on my journey to Arkansas.