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Things will be happening to the Legacy for the first time since I've owned it

Other than fixing my dome light and the scuff that happened to the back bumper, I’ve only done an oil change so far.

The tires on it are original to the car, which obviously should be replaced even though they still have lots of tread left. I’m deciding between Nokian WRG3, Toyo Celsius CUV, or Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06. If any of you have preferences for tires that are winter rated but quite good in the rain, I’d be interested to hear. Living in a temperate rainforest climate makes good wet traction a priority.


The other things getting done are recalls that I just found out about. The recall on the passenger airbag I was already aware of, but the dealer claimed that the replacement wasn’t available yet. I called Subaru Canada today and learned that not only is my airbag available, but there are two other recalls unconpleted on my car. One for possible brake line corrosion, and another for a reprogram of the ECM. Something to do with cold start A/F sensor behavior. So my airbag should be here in 1.5 to 2 weeks, and then I guess I’ll find out if the dealer can take apart and reassemble my dash without giving me any squeaks or rattles....

Maybe I’ll get an interesting loaner out of it.

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