.......if you’re from North America (except Mexico).

You can’t get a Hilux so your next best thing is to read about one just here.

Key take aways from this UK market one: you get an engine that shrinks from a 3.0 diesel four to a 2.4 (there are other options elsewhere) and most Hiluces (this plural looks good to me) sold in the UK are automatics, a surprising fact which suggests that few business users buy them. Also the Hilux is the biggest selling pickup in Europe, which isn’t quite the commendation it sounds because the market for these vehicles here is small. Odd though it might sound to an American, you don’t see many at building sites, farmers don’t have that many and if you call a plumber or other tradesman he won’t arrive in one.

Have a real working one from Oz. Admire the plain steel wheels and proper work ready body. Note the chrome. Note also the exposed chassis, painted bumpers and lack of hubcaps, because work. There’s a market for something like this in North America, estimated at about six.

Want more chrome? Fancy headlights whose DRLs flow into the the grille? Pseudo running boards? Pseudo roll bar? Shiny alloys? Of course you do.