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Things you didn't know were a thing

Ford pulled out of the truck market in Western Europe in the 1990s and sold out to Iveco,

No more Ford trucks then even though they were everywhere once, like this D series. Bonus Mk3 Cortina behind it.


However, it wasn’t that simple. Ford continued to sell trucks in less developed markets- Brazil, Turkey, the US and so on.

Fast forward twenty odd years and these developing Fords are deemed to have developed enough to be made more internationally available.


Meet the F-Max, a name arrived at logically by carrying the Americans’ F 150 and upwards to its conclusion.


It’s made by Ford Otosan (a JV) in Turkey and unlike many big Fords of the past it’s mostly Ford under the skin with their own engines and other major parts rather than being a kit.


No, there isn’t a pedal on the left or a lever to choose your gears. They’re using a ZF automated manual at the moment before taking the ambitious step of releasing their own in-house one over the next couple of years.

Tradtionalists can console themselves by the presence of the traditional handbrake just to the right of the wheel rather than a trendy switch.

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