All those battery issues I was having were the result of some dirty contacts. Cleaned and sprayed with what claimed to be cleaner and protectant? Hooked up the booster and the battery drained it fast. Then hooked up my tender and it said I had a full battery until I unlocked it, dropped to below 80% light. Locked it and back to charging. Weird. Let it sit on the charger all day, worked from home. Around 4 I took it out to the grocery store and it started up under own power great, 14v with alternator, stopped and started 3 times with a total of 10 driven miles. So hopefully this was the end of it.

And as far as the 250 goes the JB weld turned rock solid around the adapter, I bought and added some more to add to the strength and will stress test it tomorrow. It's been an interesting few days. 


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