Everyone knows the infamous Smart ForTwo, commonly referred to as just “the smart car”. Many enthusiasts are probably aware of its many outlandish variants, from the Crossblade to the Brabus. But here’s one with slight differences compared to the base model; one you may not have heard about.

What is it?

As you may have guessed, the Smart K was a special variant designed to fit the Japanese kei car regulations.

According to CarThrottle member TheCopenGuy, it could properly be described as:

“a German JDM car that was made in France.”


What was part of its “secret sauce”?

This model utilized specially developed rear fenders. The width was also reduced to 1.47 m, thanks to some narrowing of the track width and tire dimensions.


The Smart K had virtually the same appearance as its ForTwo cousin, but it did come with a roof that had ridges. Why? Because ridges are cool, that’s why.


Was it safe?

The standard specification included the ESP and BAS safety assist systems. With the conventional ForTwo earning a 4-out of-5 star Euro NCAP rating, it would be safe to assume the same here. Of course, it would be up to you to choose whether or not you would want to depend your life on it.


Did it sell?

According to AutoIntell.com:

The smart k account[ed] for a major proportion of [Smart] sales in Japan [for 2002], and 2,128 smart k cars were delivered in the first half of the year. MCC smart [was] the only foreign manufacturer to import such a vehicle into Japan.


It seems that, although it did have a start, with production ending in November 2004, the Smart K was not long for this world.


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