1. tug on Superman’s cape

2. mess around with Slim

3. Tell you mom you’ll help her and her new husband find a car.

I get called AT LEAST 3 times a day...during work...with questions like:

“We’re sitting in a forester, now we looked at one of those and I didn’t like it, why didn’t I like it?”

you didn’t like the interior mom

“thats right!” *to her husband sitting next to her* “we didn’t like the interior. Yeah we don’t like it either.”


I ignored 3 calls today because I was, well you know, working? I sent her texts saying I can’t talk right now.

I relented and picked up at the end of the day

“Finally I get a hold of you. You must be out and about or something.”

no...just at work, working.

“so anyway what do you think about an escape.”