This happened on Monday, just north of Greensboro, NC. My wife was driving, and she had reported a pull, but it didn't seem serious, nor did she report it as serious. Still, we should have stopped to check it. I think we had been rolling on a partially deflated tire for quite some time before the sidewall gave out. Fortunately, when it let go, she handled it like a champ (it was the front right tire). And we were only a mile from the nearest tire store. So we ended up losing only an hour of our drive time. I'm glad it didn't happen at 10 pm out in the sticks somewhere. Tire was 4 years old, with some minor dry rot, and had been patched once. There was no visible sign of damage to the tread, so I'm guessing the patch failed. I'm blaming South Carolina's shitty roads. And boy, they are shitty.