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Think I need a new switch bank for the Goldwing? (Update)

The bloody thing blew a fuse.

I was going to take it on a nice and very long ride last night. While departing my condo I noticed my “dash lights” weren’t on. No biggie, the ambient light outside is good enough for me to read dark gauges. But then as I was stopping to get petrol I thought “wait, I better make sure my taillight works” and sure enough, the brake light worked but the tail did not. I dropped in a couple gallons of petrol then raced back home before a police officer could notice that I was flying dark.


Consulting Goldwing forums, looks like one of the two taillight fuses (which also controls “dashboard” lights and front parking lights) took itself out. Oops.

As for the aforementioned turn indicator and headlight brightness issues, looks like my turn indicator relay is fried and I’ll also probably need to repair or replace the button bank. Can’t complain, the thing’s nearly 40 years old and still using its original switchgear.


Meanwhile, I absolutely hate the handlebars on it. I want to replace the handlebars with lower ones like the ones that are on the GS. I also want to replace the dim bulbs in the “dash” with some colourful LEDs. I’ve named the bike “Poseidon”, so blue LEDs would be fitting. ;)

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I’m still absolutely loving my new to me GL1100. It’s a giggle getting sportbike performance out of what’s essentially a couch with a couple wheels. I’ve also finally figured out how to get it to not stall. I vaguely remembered my neighbour saying some big Hondas need a bit of thrust to not stall and that seems to be doing the trick. It seems to work more like a manual car than it does a manual bike. lol

However, I must admit that I haven’t been completely legal in my ‘Wing’s operation. When the PO did his restomod thing, he deleted the turn signals, presumably doing hand signals instead (which apparently is legal in IL). It didn’t take long for me to figure out why..


Aside from the horn, all the switches on that left switch bank seem a little broken? The headlights have three “settings”: high, low, and “candlestick”. And the brightness of the lamp largely depends on how much you jiggle the switch.

I installed new turn indicators and while I admit I got cheap 12w units from Amazon, they did have some strange behaviour. At first just the two front turn indicators glowed. That was weird as I only hooked up the orange and blue wires, and their respective grounds (no third). Then when you hit the switch left, the indicator light went out entirely. If you hit the switch right, same result. Nothing happened in the rear.

Alright, so I just assumed that I got lights that didn’t have a big enough draw. A couple miles down the road the front indicators just stopped glowing. Hitting the switch did nothing on the left side and hitting the right side only illuminated (not flashing) the turn indicator on the right rear.

I’m thinking that I’m going to need to replace that switch bank? It appears power is getting to all four indicators, but they won’t work. Thankfully the headlight is a little more easy to convince to work correctly, but ideally that should work well, too.

Also stay tuned, this week is “crunch week” for my Ruckus clone. My starting issue will either be carb or petrol tank. Since buying and getting both shipped to my apartment next day is a grand total of $40 (freaking China, man) I have no fear I’ll have it running before the week is out. The even cooler part is that in taking the panels off to swap out the tank I’ll be doing a very popular Ruckus mod (leaving the tank area naked) anyway. lol


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Once I have it running I want to mildly “cafe racer” it. The end result will be some weird cafe racer/dual sport...thing for the Gambler 500. I’ll probably then get a tiny windscreen for winter riding.

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