So I’ve been looking for a truck to use as a daily/parts hauler the last few months and the other day I found out a coworker of mine is selling a 1991 Toyota Pickup, 3.0 V6, 5 Speed, 4x4, access cab, so it’s well optioned. Think this but in a purple, blueish color.

Cosmetically it’s decent for a 26 year old truck, paints fading but that’s not super important to me. Some of the major items that would need fixed are a non working speedo/odometer, and the driver door doesn’t open anymore due to something in the assembly breaking. Drivers door should be as simple as taking the door panel off and finding what broke, the speedo/odo could be as simple finding something that wasn’t plugged back in when the clutch was replaced. The kicker is that the truck has probably 360k on the chassis, he’s not sure since the odometer doesn’t work. He had a reman engine put in a little over two years ago, which he estimates has 60k on it. Has a new clutch, clutch master, and slave cylinder, and recently had a new starter put on it. This was all done at a Toyota dealership and he has receipts for everything. It’s actually a two owner truck, he’s the second owner, he has all of the maintenance record from the first owner too. Basically it’s a truck with 360k on it but a relatively fresh drivetrain for $4k. What say you Oppo, good buy or not?