Would you drive anything, any time or pass that privilege onto your demon spawn offspring? 

Let’s pretend for a moment that you can drive any car ever made, any time you desire. Snap your fingers and a Delorean appears. Fully gassed up and totally reliable. Run the tank dry and snap your finger and the tank is full. Wake up and take a Raptor to work then drive a 1940 Bentley racecar home. You don’t ever need to do maintenance or even have a need for a garage. The downside is that your children will neither care nor want to ever drive. They will go their entire lives not knowing the joy of a perfect heel-toe downshift or feeling a car just slide a touch, skirting on the edge of adhesion. They will never get a license and will be chauffeured around in a driverless vehicle. Forever.


Would you give up driving giving your children the option of inheriting your finger snapping magic. This doesn’t guarantee they will want to drive. They simply have the ability. You will be stuck in a driverless car. They can’t be counted on to drive you around. It may happen but your normal day to day activities will be centered around the Koala looking Google car. You will never steer or command any type of vehicle again, ie no motorcycle, atv, tractor, snowmobile........... Your children may snap their fingers and a driverless car appears as their preferred mode of transportation.


Do you keep the gratification or pass it onto them knowing they might actually not even enjoy it?