You’re right, as the Dutch(obviously) prove there is a way better solution to prevent the roads from becoming slippery:

After the road has been cleared of the snow, these trucks, equipped with a device called the Firestorm, spray a hot(60°C) solution of calcium-chloride onto the road surface to combat the road being slippery by melting all the ice that is present. They manage to do this at a speed of around 50 km/h, which isn’t too bad I suppose. Currently these are the only two, however I’m sure Rijkswaterstaat (the Dutch goverment road and waterways management department) will have a few more built if the trial turns out to be successful.

In other ice combating news Rijkswaterstaat also has special road defrosting devices for when there is a traffic jam, it’s basically a trailer that can be driven along the the traffic jam, and which sprays a salt solution underneath the cars:

Obviously a demonstration, nice Defender though.


So, now you are fully up to date with the latest Dutch slippery-ness control and prevention systems.