Anyone have experience with fleet vehicles?

For quite some time I’ve been thinking of picking up a used 4x4 PPV Tahoe as a daily beater with the added convenience of a large SUV. You know, for those inconvenient times where my car isn’t big enough... Plus I do believe it’s more practice than a 2 door pickup. As much as I love the new Tacomas they’re just wayyy too expensive, I priced one out with minimal options to be $28k and it doesn’t help that they still hold their value.

This example I found is relatively cheap and in really decent condition

$15K 63k miles

So what do we think?

My mindset; it’s a fleet vehicle so parts are most likely going to be cheap, plentiful and the car itself has some kind of added durability? I mean they have to expect these cars will be idle for long periods of time.


What do we think, good investment or would I be wasting my time and money?