That’s right. I’m ordering Purple Hornies tomorrow. And yes, I’m the type of asshole who’s going to bolt them right to the headers so everyone within 3 miles knows the car’s being driven.

Funny part is I’m buying “mufflers” (quotation because I doubt they muffle much- just how I like ‘em!) but what the car needs is a carb. Well, as cruel as it may sound, I’ll ask my grandfather to buy the carb (remember- this is his Camaro. I just admire it and clean it and help Dad try to keep it running.)

The Flowmasters sound good, but everybody and their brother, their brother’s cousin, and their brother’s cousin’s dog runs them. Plus I hear they don’t really flow all that well anyways, so it shouldn’t lose too much performance. Hell, it might gain a little.


Also, I need a project name for this. Project Second Day? It’s a Day-2 70s Street Machine