Don’t pick just liability only and/or comprehensive and expect a collision repair for free. You have to choose collision coverage for your own car. Saw a girl crying a few weeks ago because she didn’t pick the right boxes on the web. She had coverage for the other guy but all her repairs were out of pocket. In most states if there is an auto loan in place you have to have full coverage but it seems some things can slip through the cracks if the website doesn’t have idiot proof choices.

Don’t drop your car off after hours and not call the shop where the repair is being done. The car sitting in the dealership sales area parking instead of 300 ft back at the bodyshop will be ignored for days until someone from the insurance company calls a week later to see how repairs are going. This happened today. Without an agent, you are a name and number that has to be channeled through the system. Until somebody cares about their workflow your claim might be idle unless somebody finally checks on why one hasn’t been completed. Its up to you to do the follow ups and checks to keep things in motion.

Don’t assume anything, call the company or inquire at the insurance site about your claim until its done. AND don’t ask the guys at the bodyshop about things involving your policy. We don’t know your coverage, call your insurance company claim representative if you have questions because we have no idea what choices you made while tapping on your keyboard at 3 am.

Finally make sure the keys to the damaged car get inside the body shop or into a night drop box. This is just as important as letting somebody know the car is there for repairs. If the car can still be driven it can still be stolen, don’t leave the keys in it. Couldn’t believe we had a car out front for the past week with keys in the ignition and nobody had taken it.

A random car caravan picture for your enjoyment.