Thinking about a trip out west to come back with a car

Some time this spring (likely late May-ish), some friends and I are considering driving across the country (because that sounds like fun), and while on the west coast, me buying a car to bring back. This comes from both the idea of a road trip sounding fun, as well as my intent to buy a car to replace the super-rusty crown vic in the spring anyways.

Depending on the timing and my budget at this time, this trip may be for the replacement daily or it may be something a bit cheaper to bring back and flip (everything rusts here so that shouldn’t be too hard). Time will tell.


I’ll have more details to share as the time gets nearer, but it’s something to look forward to. Naturally, any help from west-coast Oppos (CA is shown as an example but the whole coast is fine by me) will be appreciated come May-ish.

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