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Anybody have experience with Sparco Sprints? Or better yet, Sprints AND Bride VIOS III’s?


I’m thinking about trying them out, I seem to recall sitting in them once and finding them a lot more comfortable than the Brides, giving up just a bit of the bolstering for a lot more wiggle room. They’re cheap for aftermarket (FIA certified) seats, I know they fit in Miatas, they have side and bottom mounting holes, and they come in red. Maybe these will be the answer to my seating woes. What say you? I still think the Brides LOOK better, but... Meh. 

Oh and I ordered another harness. ShouldIbe here any day now. This time I grabbed the substrap too so I can roll in 6-point mode. It’s going to be so nice not using the stock belt anymore...

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