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Thinking about displacement

I’ve never had an engine over 3.0L in displacement in any car I’ve owned or daily-driven.

I’ve also not owned a car with more than 6 cylinders (though I’m open to more, none have come along yet).


The most common engine sizes I’ve owned are 3.0 (2 Mazda6 V6, and briefly a Mercury Montego), tied with 2.3L (2 Volvo “Red Blocks” and an I4 Mazda6 which was also briefly owned). Next would be 2.5L (my current XC90 and first Mazda 626, though I technically co-own the CX-5 2.5L my wife DDs, but I’m only counting cars solely in my name), and I don’t remember if my second 626 had a 2.0L or a 2.2L, and the subsequent Camry Wagon had a 2.0L, if memory serves; if the Mazda had a 2.0L then it ties with 2.5L for quantity owned, obviously.

Either way, that means I’ve owned as many 4-cylinder cars (no matter how briefly) as my current car has cylinders (5) as long as we exclude the CX-5.


The most HP at my daily disposal came from the V6 Mazda6s, which I believe came with 220hp. The least was probably the Camry or I4 626, both which each probably had about 110-120hp before modification.

The bell-curve for most common HP is probably in the 160-180hp range.

The biggest engine I’ve driven would be the 8.4L V10 in the last Viper, if we don’t include heavy construction equipment. The most powerful street-legal vehicle would probably be the heavily-modified Ford Super Duty with the 6.7L which made over 800hp and about 1250lb-ft of torque, according to the owner. Runner up to that is likely the modified Aventador I drove last year, but I don’t remember the power figures.


The smallest engine I’ve driven in a car is probably the 1.0L I3 in the current Fiesta, which I think ties with the 1.0 in the smart fortwo, but in refined and fun where the smarts’ felt like a lawn tractor engine. The weakest engine I’ve driven on the road was in a 1974(?) Beetle which had a 1.6L with 60hp, I believe. I’m definitely not certain on the year, and I’m going with the info from the internet, nit from memory. I remember it had a 4-speed stick though (and it was awful to drive).

Thinking about ways to gently increase oomph in the XC90. It’s not so much that it needs it, just that I want it to breathe just a little easier.

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