Buffer Image...Anyway, do any Oppos have an opinion on glasses v. contacts? I’ve been wearing contacts since 2007 and am no longer covered under insurance for any further eye care related expenses. That means in two weeks to a month from now, I’m going to have to do something about that.

I can pay $80 plus the per box price of contacts (the ones I wear are roughly $23 per box, per eye, totaling $250-$300 a year), or pay $80 for some designer frames and not have to worry about the perils of contacts ever again. Is it worth it?

I got away from glasses because the guy me looked pretty fugly in them, but girl me looks pretty cute (I think?) in glasses, so I could totally do them again?

Plus, no more scratched corneas, daily contact cleaning routines, scratching my eyes with hella long fingernails, or not being able to fall asleep while watching Netflix!

Comparison photos:

Me now (complete with my own hair!).


Me wearing (almost a year ago) a random pair of glasses that I found (these aren’t representative of the glasses I’d get).