Right now I dont own a car, and have zero need for one.

I live in the city, just a few blocks from a train line, grocery store in walking distance, plenty of Ubers, and I travel on a weekly basis. What this means for my car habit is that I get to save up some money and buy something really dumb on the other side in a few years.


For a while there I was thinking about going the German route, and still am for the most part, I certainly wouldnt say no to something in the M or RS line. But with all the hype, or anti-hype, regarding the Supra I’ve been thinking of taking a closer look should the specs turn out to be decent.

I wouldnt mind driving a meme, and I’ll be pretty unique when sales are inevitably poor. And should it start in the mid-40's it’ll be cheaper than many of the German offerings as well.


But all of this is well in the future, so why am I rambling on about it? Well, I’ll let you know its definitely not because I’m procrastinating on spreadsheets I should be working on right now.

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