Aside from the actual things that matter which are NSFOppo, I think the most important question is obvious: what will my commuter be?!?

.Traffic will only get worse over time, gas prices will continue to rise, and my municipality has goals to strongly disincentivize personal transportation. They’ll have to pry that from my cold dead hands, but in the meantime I’ll play ball.

Right now, my commute to the cube is a mere 8.6 miles, dutifully trekked by my employer-provided Tacoma. But...

- going to work, the commute is 15-30 minutes

- coming home, the commute is 25-40 minutes

This is not ideal for a gas-sucking straight-6, or my wheezy 20R. And sadly no Tundra or Land Boi either. So I’m thinking some kind of that is good for one thing and one thing only: A to B to A.


A rebadged Prius to compliment my rebadged Matrix. Fuelly user average of 41 miles per gallon. Somehow even worse cargo space than my rebadged Altezza, but no friends or kids so the backseats will be down. This seems the obvious answer to the question only I would ask.


But here’s a bad idea: a little runabout. Easy to park, okay-ish fuel economy (34-37 mpgs), could probably fit in my garage with two other cars, and still have the novelty of being a relatively uncommon car.


This is all a long con anyway, because a commuter-focused vehicle will allow me to justify the purchase of a truck-UV I actually want.

Again this is all... purely hypothetical.