I am currently driving a leased 2015 Cherokee Trailhawk as my daily driver (since Nov. 2014), and it has treated me pretty well. However, I am starting to get bored, and feel like changing it out for something else. Unlike my weekend car, the replacement does have some parameters set by my wife...

1) Cannot be larger than our Cherokee

2) Should be more fuel efficient than our Cherokee

3) Should have better safety ratings than our Cherokee

4) She really doesn’t want to move into the price range of a Macan S/GTS/Turbo (I TRIED).

This is our Cherokee in all of its murdered-out glory, for those who are curious:


Now, when my Cayman went in for its first oil change, I got a chance to test drive the new 4 cylinder Macan and came away pretty impressed. It is certainly more accelerative than my V6 Jeep, and the transmission is leagues ahead in terms of smoothness and response. Interior was standard Porsche fare.

Here is the Macan in question, for those who are curious:



Sample the 4 cylinder Macan? Try something different that fits within the parameters above? Let me know what you think.