Tonight Oppo, I would like to share a secret that I have been harboring for a long while now. I didn’t want to share because I won’t be starting either project until Winter of 2017 if things stay on track. However, I’ve been doing so much thinking about these things that I just thought I’d share!

As some of you know, I have two slightly odd vehicles. One is a Kia Amanti riding on some incredibly questionable 20s that I love! The other is a 4x2 Jeep GC with the 5.7L, which I also love! Now, as ridiculous as it sounds, I actually hunted down these vehicles for months with the exact year and equipment/combinations I was looking for. (Yes, I really did search for a 2006 specific Kia Amanti and a specifically 2012 Jeep GC without off-road ability *points to username*).

Now, the way I do cars is that I find exactly what I need to do a job, the vehicle does that job completely stock until it is paid off in full and the job is done. Once all that is over, I do whatever the fuck I want to do with them. Nothing new there, we all pretty much do that. Well, these are the current “fixes” I’m beginning to research on and yeah, they’re interesting to me at least.

So first the Jeep GC! It supposedly makes 350hp and 390lb-ft on 89 octane, but runs great on 87, and gas right now is $1.57 per gallon (which I don’t pay for anyways because work vehicle).

  1. Change out the headlamps to HID.
  2. Change the wheels to something 19 inches. The aspect ratio on the 18s is too tall and it’s not allowing me to get the gripping benefits of modern tires. I thought that the new Michelin Defender LTX M/S tires were just not gripping, but I’m realizing now that it isn’t the tire’s fault, the vehicle gets too much flexibility out of the sidewalls.
  3. Change brakes, but that will depend on the wheels and tires.
  4. Limited Slip Differential, which I’m researching and determining what other tweaks I would need to do and issues it could create.


Ball so hard that the Referee can’t decide what to call! Yeah, that’s my Silky. I need to fix up the paint and door trims, but other than those things, my changes are extremely minor. As easy as changing out wiper blades!

  1. Change out the suspension. I’m actually fine with the rear set up, it’s the front I’m having trouble with but haven’t decided exactly what I would be best for it’s use.
  2. Better brakes, not just the lines or pads, I need some much hardier front disks and calipers for the weight.
  3. Forced induction system and all that entails. This is the one I’m really trying to figure out, but my mind is pretty made up on it. I actually want turbo lag since I love the torque output as is however I need more horsepower at 5,000rpm and up. I’m addicted to how this thing feels going any speed, but once I’m out of the city, I’m finding it can handle more horses.


Real talk for a second, the Jeep GC has a 110mph limiter (so I can’t break 112mph) but I’m fine with that because it doesn’t need to be going faster than 102 mph anyways. I live in the Southwest by the way, so this isn’t abnormal on highways, talk to Arizona/Nevada drivers. In December I finished my last bit of repairs to the Amanti which was the EGR valve and some accompanying components. I got to run it a weeks ago and found that it will hit 122 mph and to my horror, it begs for more! I had to go look up the top speed on the thing since I thought the 160 mph speedo was complete bullshit, however the top speed seems to be 137 mph. I don’t think there is a limiter on the vehicle since there is no way someone would have the time, cooling, tires, braking, or aerodynamics to get the vehicle even up to 130 mph, maybe 140 mph at the right elevation, temperature, and on a downgrade. I think I can break 150mph if I set up a game plan though (but I still don’t see it happening before 2020).

My curiosity is too high, and why not do something weird?