Good Morning Oppo,

I’ve got a stable full of cantankerous old Japanese metal, which at the moment don’t run.

I’m fighting with a vw carb conversion on my 79 gl1000, a leaky carb bowl on my 80 cm400a, and a cb500 that has gotten quite incontinent in regards to her engine oil.

Now I’m not planning on getting rid of any of these fine steeds anytime soon, but I haven’t had a motorcycle to ride since late October. These bikes all have a major problem (or two) plus several more little things (the newest is 35 years old after all).

My wife made a suggestion last week that I look at buying a new motorcycle. One I can just ride and not worry about wrenching on. I at first dismissed it as I am ridiculously cheap. The most I’ve ever spent on a motorcycle purchase was $400, usually less than $200...


But then I got to thinking, it would really be nice to have something that I didn’t need to spend several hours a month and maintain. The weather is unpredictable in St. Louis and warm days will appear on the dead of winter and beg to be ridden on (last week had 3 days in the 50s, but it snowed Saturday and today is 20). I’d love something I don’t have torn apart over winter for maintenance that I can jump on when weather allows.

I’ll wrap up my rambling with a question. I’m starting to really like the cb500x. It’s cheap(for a new bike), light, honda reliability, decent power and good economy. Anybody have one, or any insight into it?