Warning: long winded semi personal ran incoming. You've been warned. Here's a Miata to make up for it

Sigh. As you know by now, I've spent the last few weeks searching for a Miata to supplement my Sonic this summer. I went so far as going to Kansas City to buy one, only to get screwed over

This sucked. I had a friend drive down from Lawrence to take me, which was fine but cost me gas money, then got stuck in Lawrence with no car, had to rent one for $175 and burn a vacation day to get home. It was nice to hang out with friends in Lawrence, but still: 28 hours later and I have no Miata but I'm out $250.

Maybe this was a sign. Maybe the hailstorm that wrecked my giant plane on Saturday was a sign. Do I really want to spend a few grand on a second car with no garage to store it? I'm starting to think it's not such a great idea. I might just put it off until I buy a house, which was my original plan. Spend some of the money on my other hobby and build a quad rotor or new plane.


Tomorrow I'm going to go look at one at a dealer, but they are asking far more than I'd pay for it so I don't expect to buy it. But even if we agree on price, do I really want it right now? I don't think so...