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I’ve got plenty of time, a little cash, and a desire to get some cheap tail lights for my car. No wrecking yard in my area has any 2012+ Mazda5s, but there are several in the KC metro area at various Pick n Pull lots, and they all seem to have just front end damage.. Gas is $1.44/gallon at Costco, and I can probably get out there and back, with a few hours for junking, in one day. I did check and the lots are open. One received a car on the 9th of March and got the other one on April 20th, so chances are that they’ll be pretty much intact. If necessary, a lot over in Kansas has one, and it’s not too far away from the ones in MO.


Places online want close to $100 for tail light sections, but these places sell them for $23; I might even try to talk them down since I only need half of the tail light (half is on the hatch, half on the body). I might even scrounge up a few other pieces whilst I’m there, although I can’t think of what I need at the moment; I’m sure it’ll come to me when I’m staring at a car.


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