Thinking on Upgrading (Update)

So as most of you know, the Rally Van ate it’s motor this weekend. So in searching for a good 3.8 to replace mine, I’ve been thinking about installing a newer drivetrain so parts are more accessible. This has me thinking about a 3.6 Pentastar/6-speed combo out of a newer Grand Caravan.

I know it should bolt in with minor work and my axles/etc should work fine, the problem is getting it wired up to work correctly.


Hopefully someone has some insight on this as I think it would be a great match for my van and being still in production, finding parts if needed should be easy.

Mopar burnout for your time:



After some research it seems the 3.6/6-speed will be next to impossible to get working in the old van. So this has led me to looking for an 01+ 3.8L. This engine is a direct bolt in and a simple timing set swap and throttle body swap and it’s plug and play with my wiring/ecu.


This should net a good performance gain making 53hp/32ft-lbs over my current motor’s stock numbers. It will have far easier parts availability being made through 2012 (IIRC) as well. 

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