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The Miata, or at least a Miata... Is likely a forever car. I’m not getting rid of it. That said, I recently went from four vehicles to one, and the urge to diversify a bit has been building.

Pretty much have two options at this point. One is a bike, one is a wagon. I’ve owned a bike before, and I’ve owned a wagon. But they were an order of magnitude less interesting than what I’m looking at now.


On the one hand there is the Monster 821. Maybe not the smartest choice to jump into from a Ninja 300, but it checks the right boxes for me. I think it’s one of the most beautiful bikes out there, seems to be quite capable, sounds fantastic (going off of AMGtech’s 1200 here)... And I think I could be happy with it for a long time. I remember going on dates with my Kawasaki in high school, and I can honestly say that had a very big part in turning me into a gearhead. Would love to do that again. There’s just something special about a bike. The Monster is somewhat pricey for a bike, but even expensive bikes are cheap compared to cars. This would be a brand new or VERY gently used purchase, if it happened. I’ve gotten a lot of Sv650 recommendations—before you say anything, I know it’s a great bike and a HELL of a deal—it just doesn’t do anything for me personally. It’s like a Corvette. I know they’re fantastic, incredibly capable cars... But I have zero desire to own one. Completely indifferent towards them. No, if I get a bike, I’m all but sure it will be an 821.

On the other hand... There is the Volvo v70r. I’ve lusted after these from the moment I started looking at cars. Long before I knew the Miata as an enthusiast car, I told myself I’d own a Volvo M3 competitor. Does it ACTUALLY compete with an M3 performance wise? No. But that’s fine. The Miata will eventually be the giant-slayer, the Volvo would serve a different role.

Has to be manual. Has to be in fantastic shape, both mechanically and interior/exterior. Good color combo is also a must. I want stock wheels. I want a crazy Volvo enthusiast who has binders full of work done by Volvo specialists. So basically Bring A Trailer levels of excellence. Luckily that’s less difficult than you’d think, seeing as Swedespeed is chock full of Volvo fanatics who’ve owned many R’s and know how to take care of them. The grey one below is my absolute first choice currently for sale in America (I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every listing on Craigslist, auto trader, cargurus, the forums, etc). Manual, fantastic shape, blue leather and Nardo Grey wrap asking $15k. That’s fairly reasonable and (unfortunately the wagon and manual both add multiple thousands on top of the base price. If it was a rare OEM color... That would be another few thousand on top sigh).


Second pick is currently not for sale anywhere, and it may very well be the rarest VR offered. Sonic blue exterior, atacama interior, manual wagon. Atacama is a natural untreated leather with a beautiful deep orange coloring. If it’s not cared for it will get beat, quickly. With proper leather care... Oh boy. Some of the best quality leather this side of Bentley/Rolls. Sonic blue is simply a gorgeous, vibrant blue. Cars in this color/transmission combo in good shape have generally been selling over $20k, but obviously there isn’t a ton of data. They sell infrequently and get snapped up immediately at asking price.


TThe Volvo would make more sense than the bike. I already have a terrible bad weather vehicle (okay, it’s a monster in snow, but it’s miserable in rainy night-time driving) so having something like the VR would be a nice dose of practically. It would be everything I always wanted my Outback to be. It would also be much safer than the bike. Obviously. Upfront costs will be higher, and maintainance costs will also be higher.


I don’t really have an answer yet, just brainstorming. Eventually I’d like to grab both, then maybe a samurai, or disco II, or land Cruiser, or import something from Japan to round out the garage...

For now I’m just building up my savings and checking listinga daily.

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