So Lamborghini is due to release the next "Gallardo" aka the Huracan, sometime soon. It will be fast, it will be loud, and it will be somewhat bonkers in typical Lambo fashion. And you know what?....I don't care.

It's not that I dislike modern Lamborghinis, just the thought of them doesn't excite me (classic ones are another story). For some odd reason when I saw the first renders of the Huracan I was like, "Eh...that's cool." But when Volvo released pictures of the upcoming Polestar V60, it was, "Holy crap...I NEED NEW PANTS!"

To most people this is very strange. They would say "You would take a Volvo over a Lamborghini? What's wrong with you?" To which I would respond, "Oh I will still take the Lambo...but I'll just trade it for an E63 Wagon." Then this hypothetical person would shake their head in disgust, and quickly walk away.


I have tried to come up with a psychological explanation for this seemingly "mental malfunction." Why do I have a desire for an RS6 over a 458?

I tried Freud, but my mother didn't drive a wagon. I tried looking to Jung...could it be my natural inclination to be introverted doesn't like vehicles that draw too much attention? Nope, because I would so rock a Jag F-type.


So what could it be? Some say it's "forbidden fruit" syndrome as in we don't get many fast wagons here so I want what I can't have. Or perhaps I'm some weird auto-enthusiast-hipster that wants to be different...just because. Maybe I'm just very practical want a car that can do it all. But that is boring.


It is also possible that there is no good "reason" or "explanation" at all...and that is why I come here...because you all understand.

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All images via Jalopnik because I am lazy.