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meet the third triple.

the saga of my triumphs is entertaining.

my first (2011) was bought from work as a street bike. I rode it for 2 or 3 months, then it decided to grenade its motor with only 14K km on it.

the second one I got (my yellow 2006) was bought as a crashed bike to turn into a track machine. I replaced the brake pads, put track body work on it, replaced the battery and fired it right up. 2 days before I was supposed to take it to the track for the first time, the blue one went bang. so, I took ALL of the body work and street stuff (lights, plate etc) and put them on the track bike. There were a few small differences in the wiring as the 2 bikes where different generations (06-09 is first gen, 10-12 is second gen, 13+ is third gen) so i decided that this bike was not long for my garage.

enter, #3. this is a 2010 that was set up for track and has a BUNCH of goodies on it. Case sliders, frame sliders, a quickshifter (OMG) and a daytona 675 R OEM rear olhins shock in the back (photo shows an elka, it will be swapped)

THIS bike will now become my street machine, the 06 will either be converted back to track and sold, or I buy another set of street panels and sell it as a street bike. the funds from THAT sale will go to rebuilding the motor in the 2011, likely with some slighter higher compression pistons and a proper tune for MOAR POWAH.

so yea. thats my update. How have you guys been? 


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