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Thirsty Thursday

So this is just a model, but its the closest thing I could find to the real deal. My Grandfather had a truck almost exactly like this: Chervolet Cheyenne K20 single cab long bed with a camper in two tone yellow. I always loved this truck, from the factory CB and 8 track to the smell. He used to use it to pull a 26 foot closed bow fishing boat with twin 120 hp 3.0 liter I4's, a kitchen, sink and stove down to baja with my uncle to fish for weeks on end. It ended up sitting around at a cabin he built in the 50's (he was a busy guy) until the 90's when my cousin started to drive and he took over driving it. It had twin 25 gallon tanks (with a switch to choose in cab) and a 396 V8 and I'm pretty sure it got 7-8 mpg...on a good day. I wish they hadn't sold it because it was in great shape and probably worth something now. Great story Hansel.


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