This victory day thingy is disgusting.

Celebrating victory of the freedom fighting Russians over Nazi Germany? Fuck off!

At least Germany went to the right way, after the war. The Soviets? For the people that were left under their rule, the Soviet controlled communist governments were no better than the Nazis.

The infamous Buchenwald and other concentration camps in the Soviet area were restarted by the Russians shortly after the Americans left the Soviet zone, and they were used for everybody who was considered an enemy of the Union.

And now, Putin's Russian Federation says it is a democracy? Yeah, right. It is just a miserable oligarchy, ruled by an awful regime in a rotten alliance with the powerful Russian orthodox church.


With a primitive economy, that's based on exporting gas, oil and illegal weapons deliveries.

Once humanity is less dependent on the said gas and oil, this monstrosity will fall harder than the Soviet Union did, hopefully.