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Private sellers have gotten in on the greed hype train that is the new 2020 Toyota Supra. Take this example outside of San Diego. A white premium launch edition, its brand new with just 15 miles on it. Asking price? $85k. In the description, he seems to try and use rarity: “This particular Launch Edition is the most coveted color combination of all because it is the least built color combo!”, and the fact that the first example sold for over $2 million at Barret Jackson as selling points. In an oblivious nod to over charging dealers while overcharging himself, he says: “Why buy from me instead of the dealer? There are some dealers in CA asking over $100k for this color combo!” You may not be charging $100k, but you’re still asking a high price for a car that will be at or below MSRP after everyone that wants one buys one.

Illustration for article titled This 2020 Supra private seller is on crack

It gets even better as well. For one, he wants no lowballers, so this $85k is firm. On top of that, he wants serious inquires only (which makes sense as you don’t want to waste each others time) with asking prices at or above his asking price, but hes also asking for a $1,000 non refundable deposit if you want to see the car in person with him saying: “to ensure no one’s time is wasted and unnecessary mileage is not added to the car.” If you want to close the deal, that deposit is taken and then put towards the purchase price. I wouldn’t ever. He must be some kind of dealer, flipper or broker as he also mentions he has access to a few black or red launch editions as well that he will be getting soon. So if you have $90k burning a hole in your pocket, hit him up.

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