I mentioned that the Albuquerque area is devouring the Kia Stinger. With the $50k-plus GT2 level somehow being a wide majority of sales out here, Fiesta Kia has decided to offer this Super Stinger for $67,995. Have mercy! That price stings more than the bees Macaulay Culkin dealt with in My Girl...

This Stinger is running Eibach springs, 20 inch TSW wheels, StingerHaus Aero Kit, K&N Cold-Air Intake, Borla Exhaust, and the LAP3 Performance Tune. Most of the chips with bolt ons that Ive seen dynoed have been consistently getting the 3.3t Lambda to around 450 hp (400 whp) and 500 lb-ft of torque.

I’m hopeful that this hometown halo will one day bring heaven to a house and hell to many highways. That crazy owner will need a solid Grover in disposable monthly income and be a silent shouter when it comes to badges but not bodies. Good luck finding a nut like that!

...why is everyone looking me?

Hold up, hold up, ho’dup! I’m a super subtle guy, kin! I buy my cereal off the shelf in baggies rather than boxes. I’m like a Norse prankster on the lefthand ivories, I keep it lowkey. I don’t even touch detergents if they shout.